Woman Oak (womanintheworld) wrote in cc_adoption,
Woman Oak

Not her birthmother....

Hi All.

My little girl was adopted by a fantastic couple through an open adoption 5 years ago, and I'm relatively close to the entire family. (Sorry, bad pun). Her parents returned from China with their new 1 year old in June. Things are going wonderfully for them thus far.

Angela, their mom, is worried, though, that since I have such close ties to Katarina, that their new daughter, Avery, who knows nothing about her birthparents, will feel jealous/resentful/bitter/left-out of some key things that I am able to offer Katarina. She asked me to kind of "step-up" and play somewhat of the birthmother role for Avery, as much as any random woman could.

My question is, do any of you have contact with one child's birthparents but not the others? Any suggestions on what I could do to make things run more smoothly for their family? Any ideas on what would be appropriate for my relationship with Avery are welcome.
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