OMG Get in the car it's a Ryan! (rxgreene) wrote in cc_adoption,
OMG Get in the car it's a Ryan!

Finally: Word from the new Mod.

Hi folks! My name is Ryan Greene and I am the new moderator here at the CC Adoption community.

My Background: I am the father of an adorable Korean Adoptee, and am interested in learning from both Adoptees and parents who have adopted about their experiences. Good, bad, what could be done better. I understand that there are some folks who in the past have not been interested in having any kind of constructive dialog on this subject. All I can say is: Take your issues elsewhere. I need to learn more about how to be a good Dad, and I'm sure there are people here who can teach me just that. Intelligent people can disagree and move on. Idiots need to flame to get their point across.

That said, I look forward to hearing and learning with you all!
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