megoshi (megoshi) wrote in cc_adoption,

Fund Raising

My husband and I are planning on adopting several times, but we're struggling with the large cost of international adoption and the loans available will only cover, at most, 50% of the cost. We still have a good amount of time before we begin our home study, but we have started a fund raising project online and could really use some help spreading the word about it.

This is a magazine selling site, 100% of the profits go into a special adoption savings account to gain interest. If you'd like to buy/renew a magazine please consider doing it through us, if you can (or if you buy a magazine as a gift).

If you would like to help us *please please please* CLICK HERE

You can opt to either buy magazines or refer other people to buy magazines from us (if you refer 12 people over they say you'll get a free movie ticket, but please check the website for the exact details).

Thank you in advance for your help.
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